Is it safe to use the Afterpay method of payment?

Afterpay enables money to be transferred from the buyer to the seller worldwide (so everyone can own their very own 2wel Poncho). Afterpay is also a very safe way of payment over the internet as the recipient will receive the payment without being able to see your credit card or bank account number.

Oh no! I received my 2wel Poncho and it is not perfect! Can I return it?

If your 2wel Poncho is faulty or not the size or colour you desire you may return it, however it must NOT have been worn and must have the hangtags still attached. Faulty stock will be refunded or replaced. Returns due to colour or size, will be replaced with the requested changes, but a refund will not be issued.

How should I wash my 2wel Poncho?

Your 2wel Poncho can be machine washed in cold water.  The poncho colours will not run, keeping your poncho looking brand new after every wash!

Can I incorporate my sports club logo?

Our products have been worn and loved by sports and swimming clubs across the country and we love to support the community. If your team, club or school is interested in putting your branding onto the 2wel poncho towels, we are more than happy to help. Contact us for more information.

What is the quality of material which 2wel Ponchos are made of?

2wel Ponchos are made from 100% cotton, which has been woven to create a soft, yet durable towelling fabric. 2wel Ponchos are created with the idea of being suitable to be worn during all activities.

How long until I receive my 2wel Poncho, from when I ordered it?

As soon as your payment has been cleared, your poncho will be packed and sent to you (that day if payment is cleared before 12 pm!). Depending on whereabouts you require shipment to be sent will dictate the period of time before you receive your package. Most will only take three working days from the day the package is posted.

Can I become a 2wel retail stockist?

If you're interested in becoming a retail stockist of 2wel products, then we would love to to hear from you. Our products look great and would be a welcome addition to your range. 

Which poncho size would be suitable for me?

The 2wel Ponchos range are designed to fit everyone and come in sizes from XXS to XL! Depending on how long you would like your poncho to be, will dictate which size poncho to choose. For example; the XXS on a child at a height of approximately 120 cm would be just below knee length, however could also be worn by an adult at a height of approximately 170 cm, with the poncho being at mid thigh length. So custom pick your poncho to suit your personal style!

Why buy a 2wel Poncho instead of a towel?

2wel Ponchos, are made of the finest quality of towelling fabric, The poncho is clothing apparel, so suitable to be worn, whip togs off underneath and protection from harsh environmental conditions all while looking great in it! It is the epitome of fashion with function – this could (can) not be said for a boring old towel! 2wel Ponchos are the innovative design of the future, towels are a thing of the past. Everything a towel can do, a 2wel poncho can do better, with style!

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